Zilver Catering’s professional team works effortlessly for Food Serving in many aspects. All Dinner Courses are prepared and plated in the venue’s kitchen and delivered to each guest at the table by highly trained staffs. Alternatively, a less-formal style of service to place platters of food on the table for guests who prefer to help themselves.



Considered to be the most extravagant serving style,

seating is ideal for any formal event from gala to soiree.

Courses are prepared and plated in our kitchen,

then delivered to each of your guests by our highly

trained team.


Buffet items will be presented in defined stations and areas for Self-Service or Served by our professional staffs.


Managers and Service Staffs will manage and work at the food stations to provide personalised service to the guests


A less-formal style of service that is great for fostering interaction

among your guests. Instead of individual plates, platters of food are

brought to the table for everyone to share. Guests help themselves

and decide which items delight them. The passing of platters back

and forth creates a truly festive and convivial focal point.


Our experienced staffs serve trays of food items and/or beverages to the guests.

This  is a popular service style to add a touch of elegance to your pre-function reception.